“Hyder Husyn” Full name “Syyed Hyder Husyn”. Born in Dhaka Bangladesh in the year of 1963. Music passion and addiction. Lyricist, composer & singer. Started his music career as a playback guitarist since 1979. Very first composition “ Mon Ki je Chay bolo” and “ Neel Chokhe Chokh Ami Rekhechi” in the year of 1981 still appreciated and popular among music lovers.

After a long break back into music with a bang. “Tirish Bochor”/ “Faisha Gechi”/ Sorkari Officer”/ ”Gonotontro” and many more.

Composed theme song for Bangladesh Army, Navy, United nation Mission and many other organizations.

One of his heart touching composition after the BDR mutiny still touches the heart of every sane person.
Subject matter of his songs are Patriotism, Anomalies of the society, love etc.

FAA licence holder for Airframe and Powerplant. Chairman  Clean  Bangladesh Company (manufacturer of household cleaning agents). Excecutive Director of Irving group.